Tokio Hotel and Kraftklub: How do fans react to “Drive with me (4×4)”?


    Tokio Hotel and Kraftklub have released a song in which Bill Kaulitz sings in German again. How is the song doing?

    Tokio Hotel and Kraftklub surprisingly released a joint track with “Fahr mit mir (4×4)”. Tokio Hotel frontman Bill Kaulitz (32) has been singing in German for a long time. The band had recently only released English-language songs with singles like “When We Were Younger”.

    In the new road trip song, Bill Kaulitz sings, among other things: “I’m sorry. Something with a home ministry can’t be home for me. I can’t stay. It’s too late, get in if you feel the same way.” The fans of the two bands have already commented enthusiastically on Instagram about the work published in the night from Thursday to Friday (July 8th).

    From “I’m partying” to “Not my thing”

    “Really cool catchy tune from you, and a great mix with Tokio Hotel,” writes one user. “The song is cool, the video too, wonderful message,” says another follower positively. “Absolute catchy tune”, “Summer hit 2022”, “I’m celebrating”, “Combi I didn’t know I needed” or “Would get in” are other comments. The enthusiasm about the unusual band combo could not be heard from everyone, however, so there were a few negative reactions such as “Not my thing” or “I quit this song for a moment. I would then get back into the other songs”.

    “Fahr mit mir (4×4)” is a single from the upcoming Kraftklub album “Kargo”, which is due out on September 23, 2022.