The route network of Deutsche Bahn is to be expanded, but at the same time there is a need for renovation. The company announces waiting times due to lockdowns.

Deutsche Bahn has announced a “general renovation” of important sections of the route. The goal is to build a “high-performance network,” said CEO Richard Lutz on Monday.

Rail customers must therefore be prepared for longer closures for construction sites and diversions. The background to this is the goal of significantly expanding rail traffic, while at the same time combating the renovation backlog in the network. “We have to approach this issue more fundamentally and radically,” said Lutz. “Better one big than many small closures.”

From 2024, construction projects should therefore be carried out in a bundle in heavily used railway corridors. Lutz has not yet named any concrete plans. According to him, key points should be presented before the summer break if possible. “We are facing a turning point,” said Lutz. “We have to turn the overloaded infrastructure into a high-performance network.”