“The greed-pharmacist”, was the headline in the “Hamburger Morgenpost”, as you reported last November about the research of the star. She said Günter Zeifang, operates in the Hanseatic city several pharmacies and cancer means million in revenue. Zeifang controlled as an entrepreneur by using a straw man construct two complete medical centres. In the settlement of a number of chemotherapies, it was there under Zeifangs management came to the wrong accounts. Meanwhile, the public Prosecutor’s office determined.

The health insurance company AOK, however, with Günter Zeifang no problems. The research of the ARD-magazine “Panorama”, see this Thursday from 21.45 hrs to show. “Panorama” has followed the case, Zeifang more – with interesting results.

Zeifang wins German AOK tender

chemo therapies and treatments with Anti-bodies are expensive, they are manufactured by professional pharmacists as Zeifang for each cancer patient individually. The AOK gave the orders for their patients, therefore, recently, for the first time: In the case of a favourable offer, a particular pharmacist was awarded for a certain Region the Supplement. In Hamburg, a winner of the tender: Günter Zeifang. The cooperation on 1. August start.

According to the “Panorama” showed the AOK Rheinland/Hamburg oncologist in Hamburg-Nord and in the district of Wandsbek, already in writing, order cancer drugs, and then “exclusively” in Günter Zeifang. And you wrote the cancer doctors: “We assure you that we have verified the Suitability of the pharmacy carefully and you will receive, therefore, continue to be a reliable and high-quality care.”

The sound good. And this Panorama reported, “now”: Due to a breach of the medicines act Günter Zeifang was convicted in January 2013 in Hamburg. The pharmacist could then be proved that he had purchased from a dealer cheap cancer drugs from Egypt, which had in Germany no admission – for more than a year. As the illicit, long-term Deal struck the investigators, were administered the drugs for a long time.

Zeifang received a sentence of seven months on probation and had to pay back hundreds of thousands of euros on health insurance. Alone the AOK got from Zeifang more than 100,000 euros.

AOK court decision is not challenged in

The AOK, the court decision from the year 2013 not challenged today, apparently. “If someone has made in the past, misconduct guilty, you can not extend him a lifetime night,” says Matthias Mohrmann, Executive Board member of the AOK Rheinland/Hamburg, in the television report.

It had requested the health insurance from all of the bidders for the lucrative contract to insure in writing, “to have evidence that there was no serious misconduct” committed “his reliability as bidder into question”. The “past” of the Cancer drug maker at this point, she was apparently quite irrelevant.

Whether Zeifang has his previous conviction and the current investigations against him by the AOK to be called, did not want to say the AOK Board of Directors mohrmann “Panorama”. Also Günter Zeifang did not reply to “panoramic” to this question specifically. His lawyer pointed out that the penalty order to the year 2013 related to earlier operations. The current investigation against Zeifang, the lawyer, were “unfounded suspicions based on”.