I’m transporting occasionally my bike with my Golf IV to the starting point of my route. This causes the wheel to lean in the trunk, partially on the folded-down back seat and looks out the rear with the Handlebars, front wheel and a part of the frame approximately 40 to 50 centimeters above the bumper. I fix the tailgate against the high-swing during the journey with a strong rope that extends from the towing eye up to the rear windscreen wiper. May I transport the bike, and if Yes, for what distances? Should I transport it on the highway? There is a prescribed fixing methods for the tailgate? How many centimeters must be rear mounted out of the projecting object, a red Warntuch?, TIME want-ONLINE-reader, Barbara, of car Hoff of mountain rescue knowledge.

“Basically a Golf IV is suitable for this type of Transport quite well, because neither the rear lights are integrated into the license plate in the tailgate,” says lawyer Christian Janeczek from Dresden. The Bicycle is to be transported with a car, the tail lights or parts of the tail lights and the license plate in the tailgate are installed, then the tailgate must remain only a small piece of open – otherwise the indicator would be difficult to read or the rear headlights just hard to see.

Christian Janeczek

licensed since 2003 as a lawyer in Dresden. In 2006, he qualified as a specialist lawyer for criminal law and 2007 specialist lawyer for traffic law. He is also of the German bar Association (DAV) member of the Executive Committee of the Association of transport law and a member of the transport Committee on the rights of the DAV.

The reader to look for your Golf IV, but the fact that the indicator is not obscured by the prominent bike parts. All other Details of the Transport section 22, paragraph 1 of the road traffic regulations (StVO). “The load including devices for load safety as well as loading facilities shall be stowed and secured that you will not be slipping during full braking or sudden evasive movement, fall over, roll back and forth, falling, or avoidable noise can generate,” said Janeczek. “The recognised rules of technology are, according to the highway code.” In addition, the load against slipping must be secured and the tailgate be so secured that they can not jump up.

If the bike is fixed just described, there is also no Limit on how long the Transport should take, or how far the reader can ride your bike across the country. Also on the motorway you will only be granted with the so-secured cargo. Also your concern, the tailgate needs to be fixed, dispersed the lawyer – all good, so to speak. Only if that extends the wheel further than a Meter from the car, is a Warntuch necessary. For more tips on how to Transport you will find in the episode “If the trunk is too small” our traffic law series.

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