The Ryanair Germany boss expects ticket prices to increase by five to ten percent. He still expects more passengers.

Ryanair Germany boss Andreas Gruber assumes that ticket prices will increase and will continue to rely on regional airports.

“We expect an increase of five to ten percent,” he told the “Badische Latest News” (Thursday). Despite rising flight prices and an uncertain world situation, he expects more passengers.

The ten-year cooperation with Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Airport (FKB) has paid off. “In total, we have already flown ten million people to and from Baden-Baden. For the current year we are aiming for a passenger volume of one million. That is significantly more than before the pandemic.” The airport is an important partner and the aim is to continue long-term growth. “In Germany, our priority is the regional airports because we are not satisfied with the fee structures of the others,” says Gruber.