So far, the quiz show invented by Stefan Raab has only been available in mini format, as a popular element in “TV Total” or “Schlag den Star”. Now she should fill the evening on Pro Sieben.

It was and is one of the highlights of every “TV Total” episode: The cult short quiz “Blamieren oder Kassieren” – with moderation sidekick Elton (born Alexander Duszat) in a distinctive red jacket. What actually began as a kind of satire on classic quiz shows developed over the years under Stefan Raab into a real small show within the show. Also with “Schlag den Raab” and “Schlag den Star” on Pro Sieben, a round of “embarrassing or cashing in” has been good form for years.

It’s actually at least ten years overdue for the popular rate segment to get the place it deserves on German television. And it seems to be ready: With “Blamieren oder Kassieren XL” the likeable moderator Elton, 51 (“1, 2 or 3”, “Who knows something like that?”), can finally slip into his red jacket for a whole evening and ask his guests tricky questions. The common thing about the mini quiz show: The questions are introduced with a lengthy explanation – at any point a candidate can interrupt the moderator with a buzzer if he thinks he knows what the actual question will be. He must then answer this question directly. However, the introduction is often deceptive and the question at the end is completely different than expected.

Elton is looking forward to putting on the red jacket

From June 22, Pro Sieben is planning “Blamieren oder Kassieren” at 9:15 p.m. as a replacement for the program “Zervakis

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