The scandals during Boris Johnson’s tenure are so numerous that he is unlikely to be in office for a long time. But he also survived the most recent crisis – until his party finally moved away from him out of its own will to survive.

Scandals, lies, votes of no confidence and now resigned ministers. Boris Johnson is at the end again. But one already suspects that at the very end he could be back where he is now: in the office of British Prime Minister.

The fact that the 58-year-old conservative has lost nothing at the head of the government is basically obvious. Only those who think it is a special quality of heads of government to dodge all scandals should be satisfied with this prime minister. It’s not for nothing that the “Daily Mail” called Johnson a “greased piglet”; one that floods everywhere. Traditionally, the paper is actually on Johnson’s side.

Boris Johnson: Ex-ministers call him incompetent and dubious

Now you can argue excellently about all the Johnsons in this world. But the real question is: Why are these guys actually allowed to do their thing? Why is Johnson allowed to dance on the nose of the Brits, even though he actually behaves like a (albeit elected) feudal ruler? From someone whom his resigning ministers accuse of incompetence and a lack of seriousness?

A few years ago, when Donald Trump was constantly producing new scandals and excitement and, as US President, egocentrically shaken the world order, Americans were also asked this question. Not least because this man claimed to be able to shoot someone on the street and still be elected. After all, Trump has been voted out in the meantime, but he seems to have the best chance of re-election – even though it is becoming increasingly clear that he actually had a coup d’etat in mind on January 6, 2021; undermining US democracy. Why isn’t someone like that sent to hell?

Ministers resign more out of self-preservation

This is not least due to the will to power of those ministers and parties who support you like Boris Johnson or Donald Trump, but who also owe them access to power. US Republicans are currently willing to almost completely deny themselves for a return to the White House. And the British Tories have repeatedly allowed Boris Johnson to get away with his misconduct.

But the pitcher only goes to the well until it breaks. The fact that prominent ministers and other members of the government are fleeing now that Johnson is faltering for the umpteenth time will at best be partly due to the scandals. First and foremost, those who apparently repented should be concerned with maintaining their own power, with one or the other perhaps even preserving their own chances at 10 Downing Street. Ultimately, Johnson’s power is interdependent. The party supports and protects him, but when it is no longer possible, they will ultimately ruthlessly drop him.

Should the last of the Tory backbenchers selfishly back away from their prime minister, it could actually spell the end for Boris Johnson. If not, he’ll end up back where he is now: in the office of British Prime Minister. It would be a disgrace to British democracy.