We don’t have in Finland any looking contact this is happening to information leakage. This concerns purely the Marriott center operations, told the prime hotels ceo Tom Peitsalo. the

prime hotel I hotel in Helsinki’s katajanokka island, has joined into a Marriott Tribute Portfolio of the brand. Peitsalo to emphasize that the hotel works on a franchise basis, with a purely Finnish company to operate a hotel, but operates as part of the international chain brand. the

the Marriott hotel is coming to Finland also other owners. Running is, inter alia, the Marriott-project in Tampere. the

Peitsalon according to marriott have been large system integration running. Detected the data breach started in the year 2014. Marriott buys starwood’s two years later, more than 13 billion dollars (11.5 billion euros) left the store. At the same time, inter alia, starwood’s Sheraton chain moved to the Marriott. the
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the Data breach was detected in 8. September, when the company’s control system to give warning of a possible murtautujista. When burglaries were investigated in more detail, it was found that the attacker had copied and encrypted the information. Encryption succeeded in dismantling only a couple of weeks ago. the

Includes combinations of different information of an Estimated 327 million customers at risk the tune data include any combination of, inter alia, the name, address, telephone number, email address, passport number and date of birth. the

Moreover, it is not excluded, that some customers ‘ payment card information has been hacked. the

Marriott data leakage is huge. For example, in September, great attention attracted facebook’s intrusion on 50 million user accounts. the

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