A man who works for Burger King for 27 years without missing a day only gets a gift bag for his anniversary. He shot a video of the contents of the bag and it went viral. Actor David Spade then gave the restaurant worker $5,000.

A Burger King employee who has worked for a restaurant at the Las Vegas airport without missing a day for 27 years has received a gift bag from his employer for his anniversary. Kevin Ford showed the contents of the bag in a video: he received candy, a reusable Starbucks cup, two pens and a movie ticket. The video was shared on various social networks and received a lot of attention.

In an interview with TMZ, employee Kevin Ford later said that he had the impression that the company HMS, where he works for Burger King, only sent him things that happened to be lying around in their office. It’s still important to him not to be ungrateful – that’s not his type at all. He has been with the company long enough to know that before the Covid19 pandemic, there were checks for a company anniversary. He is grateful that he still has a job at all during this difficult time.

David Spade became aware of the video

Apparently, the actor David Spade, who is known from the films “Children’s Heads” and “Joe Dreck”, among others, became aware of the video. He then donated $5,000 to a fundraiser on Gofundme started by Kevin Ford’s daughter, Seryna. After receiving the money, she told her father about the prominent donor and was initially unsure whether it was the real Spade. The actor had also contacted Ford on Instagram and wrote to him that he should continue to do his job so well. He also praised him for 27 years of work.

Kevin Ford wants to use the money to visit his family and grandchildren in Texas and also buy a new car. His daughter’s fundraiser has raised over $170,000 so far, allowing Ford to make many more trips to his grandchildren.

Sources: TMZ / TMZ