The best-known and most prolific Russian writers living in France has just published r The Novel true handling (Flammarion). A book, accompanied by many testimonials original and unpublished archives, in which we meet the characters spellbinding. As this agent of the soviet, Ivan Ivanovich Agayants, who approached de Gaulle Stalin during the Second world War.

LE FIGARO. You just write The Novel true of the handling. In the course of your research, what is the story you most passionate about?


Vladimir FÉDOROVSKI. – Without doubt, the manipulation led by Ivan Ivanovich Agayants, the name of one of the greatest secret agents of the Kremlin, in the Twentieth century. This is the man who has imposed de Gaulle to Stalin. Yet, the “Little Father of the peoples” was himself a great manipulator… that we know very little in France, but which deserves to be emphasized is that Agayants has played a decisive role in the relations between Charles de Gaulle and Russia.

Who was this enigmatic character?

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