The current heat would have been almost life-threatening for an infant in Vöhringen, Bavaria. The father had left the baby in the car. The police stepped in.

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In Vöhringen, a father leaves his only three-month-old baby in the car in the blazing sun – and at around 30 degrees in the shade, life-threatening for the baby! The police rescue the small child from the hot car. The father now faces serious consequences.

When passers-by noticed the screaming and reddened child in the car on Monday afternoon, they immediately called the police. The officials on site immediately realize: They have to get the baby out of the car as soon as possible.

The heat in the car probably rose to more than 40 degrees

The temperature in the car was very likely to have risen to more than 40 degrees, police said. The police officers smashed a window with an emergency hammer.

When the police freed the baby from the car and the notified emergency services examined the child, the crying baby quickly calmed down. Shortly thereafter, the infant’s father also appeared.

The 33-year-old apologized that he had underestimated the situation and the high temperatures, police said. However, the man now faces serious consequences: The police turned on the youth welfare office.

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