Once again, numerous civilians are said to have been killed in a Russian rocket attack. An apartment building and a recreation center were hit near Odessa, the Ukrainian side said.

The number of dead as a result of Russian rocket attacks near Bilhorod-Dnistrowskyj in southern Ukraine near the city of Odessa has risen to at least 18, according to Ukrainian sources. This was announced by the military governor of the Odessa region, Maxim Marchenko, on his Telegram channel on Friday. Initially, there was talk of ten fatalities. At least 39 people were reportedly injured.

According to the military administration, a total of three Russian missiles hit. An apartment building and a recreation center were hit. The X-22 missiles were fired by Russian Tu-22 bombers over the Black Sea. Information from the combat zones can hardly be checked by an independent party.

Since the Russian invasion began in late February, the United Nations has recorded more than 4,700 civilian deaths. However, the UN assumes that the number of civilian casualties will be far higher.