Just before Russia took Snake Island, Ukrainian soldiers wished the occupiers to hell. Now Moscow has given up the island in the Black Sea – a strategic success for Selenskyj.

Russian withdrawal from Snake Island puts Ukraine in a better position, according to President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

“Snake Island is a strategic point and that significantly changes the situation in the Black Sea,” he said in a video address. This significantly restricts the Russian military’s freedom of action – even if this does not guarantee security.

Russia occupied Snake Island shortly after attacking Ukraine on February 24. The fact that the few Ukrainian soldiers in front of it obscenely recommended the later sunk Russian cruiser “Moskva” to go to hell made the small island famous and boosted the morale of the Ukrainians. The reconquest of the island is also a symbolic success for them.

The importance of the snake island in the war

According to Ukrainian military information, Snake Island in the Black Sea allows control over parts of Ukraine’s coast and shipping lanes. With the withdrawal of the Russians, the area around the port city of Odessa would not have to fear a landing of Russian units from the sea.

The Ministry of Defense in Moscow itself described the withdrawal as a gesture of goodwill. He should show that Russia does not hinder the export of grain and agricultural products from Ukraine. Before the war, Ukrainian grain exports were mainly by sea, especially through the major port of Odessa.