At the beginning of April, the government of Antigua identified two ships as belonging to oligarch Roman Abramovich – but due to a lack of appropriate laws, they were not confiscated. Nevertheless, both yachts are now on the run.

The fall of “Amadea” will have shaken up the very rich oligarch Roman Abramovich. Although Suleiman Kerimov’s multi-million dollar ship was in port in Fiji, the long arm of the United States snapped shut and brought the ship from the holiday paradise to the port of San Diego in record time. Kerimov lost his ship and apparently even a Fabergé egg that was on board.

A fate that the former FC Chelsea owner probably wants to avoid. As early as April, the Antigua government reported that two of its ships, the “Garcon” (IMO 9587051) and the “Halo” (IMO 9794537) were in the port of St. John’s. That’s what came out of the search for the main beneficiary behind shell company Wenham Overseas Ltd. who officially owns both ships.

First Morocco, then probably Turkey

According to the industry portal “Insurance Marine News”, the government there then sought talks with British authorities to find ways to freeze or confiscate the ships. Because: Antigua has no sanctions laws of its own that would have made it possible to deny the oligarch access to its ships. This is reported by the yacht expert “Esysman” in a video on his YouTube channel.

It must have gotten tight after all – or the oligarch needs his ships where his others are. Because as if out of nowhere, the “Garcon” and the “Halo” set off on Friday within an hour on roughly the same course. The “Garcon” heads for Casablanca, for the “Halo” it goes to Agadir – both in Morocco. Currently, both ships are “out of range”, i.e. no longer broadcasting their position.

Experts suspect that both ships are going to the rest of the Abramovich fleet. His mega yachts “Solaris” (IMO: 9819820) and “Eclipse” (IMO: 1009613) have been in Turkish waters for weeks with their position sensors switched on – apparently completely carefree and without fear of the enforcement of sanctions.

Toy box and mini yacht

Both the “Halo” and especially the “Garcon” are not mega yachts like their big sisters, but much smaller and intended for specific purposes. The “Halo” is a comparatively small leisure yacht of only 55 meters in length, perfectly suited for stays in small bays without attracting too much attention. However, as can be seen in the magazine “Luxurylaunches”, the ship is by no means lacking in amenities.

On the other hand, no one goes on vacation on the sun deck of the “Garcon”. The ship serves as a dinghy for the big pots, transports all sorts of billionaire toys so that things don’t get boring at sea. The “Garcon” offers space for a helicopter, several small boats, jet skis and much more. A crane on deck ensures that everything can be lowered safely into the water.

Abramovich fights for his property

Although Roman Abramovich is very close to the Russian government, the oligarch does not take it easy when it comes to trying to steal his wealth. Although the billionaire still has his ships under his control, private planes and a huge villa are already in the hands of the authorities.

As “Bloomberg” reports, Abramovich hired lawyers from the New York law firm “Kobre” in early July

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