LAURENT WAUQUIEZ – Laurent Wauquiez participated Sunday in a demonstration of the movement Common Sense. He recalled, in particular his opposition to the LDCS by making reference to nazism

The president of the Republicans spoke Sunday, November 18, at Asnieres during a day of debate organised by the movement for common Sense, a product of the Manif for All and belonging to the party of Laurent Wauquiez. This day of debates was entitled “The right that we want is conservative” and Laurent Wauquiez took advantage of this opportunity to reiterate its opposition to medically assisted procreation (PMA). He has qualified this approach, which helps each year many couples to have children,'”gear”. “Yes it is a gear. And this downward spiral will lead necessarily to the commodification of gametes”, he said. And to add that “all of this has a name, it’s eugenics” and that “all this has been done through a diet, it is nazism”. As for the support of its comparison, the president of the Rhône-Alpes region has, subsequently, asked the crowd, insisting : “All of this is without mercy, and therefore has no consequence ?”. A comparison has been controversy within the political class. In spite of everything, on Sunday night, Laurent Wauquiez reiterated its position in a tweet.

“Irresponsible” for Agnès Buzyn, “abject” to Benjamin Griveaux

The minister of Health, Agnes Buzyn, has also used Twitter to react to the controversy surrounding the declaration of Laurent Wauquiez. In a video of 37 seconds, published on her account, she expressed her outrage and accused Laurent Wauquiez of “altering the meaning of the words”. According to her, “the end does not justify the means “. She recalled that “no public policy” in France “does eugenics” before you remember the definition. The minister also pointed out that “no medical procedure may not lead to eugenics”.

For his part, Benjamin Griveaux, the spokesman of the government, is also income on the statement of the president of the Republicans in a tweet issued Sunday afternoon. He reiterated that the government would go on “until the end” in favour of the LDCS and for all. The parliamentary debate should be open end of may-beginning of June 2019, while it was initially expected early in the year 2019. The socialist Party has also condemned the remarks “irresponsible and stupid” in the head of the Republicans in calling for an apology on the part of Laurent Wauquiez.

The law on the LDCS postponed

the text of The law on the opening of medically assisted procreation, which was to be discussed at the beginning of the year 2019 will not be before spring. The mp LREM Jean-Louis Touraine, also the rapporteur of the fact-finding mission on bioethics, informed the AFP that”there [was] a time lag of 4 to 5 months due to the congestion of the parliamentary timetable”. of
The associations in favour of medically assisted procreation see it as another reason. It would be indeed “of an election strategy,” according to the term used by the president of SOS Homophobia, Joel Deumier. The european elections are scheduled for may 26, 2019, by postponing the examination of the text of the law, it would to the right to make it a campaign issue. The association Gaylib has denounced on Twitter “a profound lack of courage, political will and conviction” in reaction to the announcement of the postponement.

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