Monday Night tv with a very special guest on Antenna 3. Alejandro Sanz visits the program of Pablo Motos before the start of the prime time, but today also premiering program Antonio García Ferreras, who is going to investigate the drug trafficking in the strait of Gibraltar. In the rest of the chains, reality shows, series and films for all tastes.

I Am alive – 1 (22.40 h):

Laura discovers that her husband, Andrew, is in the body of Marquez. Now that there are no secrets, you both feel more united than ever. But being together is not going to be as easy as it seems. In parallel, the Link is aware that some day we must return to the Gateway and never be able to make a pair with Susana. With all the pain of his heart, Iago decides to break up with Susan by letter. In addition, Marquez and Susana must protect Inma, the widow of the Chicken, who is about to give birth. Persecuted by the men of Mendieta, took refuge in the house of Marquez, where the labour starts.

I’m alive (RTVE)

Exchange consented – Antena 3 (22.40 h):

little Remains to finish therapy and, in the fourth exchange, the relationship between Jesus and Roberto is complicated at times. Oscar gives an ultimatum to Roberto for that change, because it’s not like anything your attitude with Manuel, and when Jesus finds out that he lacked the respect to your boyfriend have a strong discussion. The cohabitation comes to an end and they must decide if they will assume their errors and forgive their partners. All have experienced a very positive evolution in the therapy, but the complicity in the other house can pull up earth what has been achieved.

Four Weddings – Four (22: 45 pm):

The four weddings of today propose to the spectator a sort of round-the-world: the Mediterranean thanks to a link with the air of ibiza, by the forests of asturias to the Lord of the rings, the capital of Spain with touches of asian and caribbean, and, finally, enjoying the Spray andalusian you can imagine.

Four weddings (MEDIASET)

to Live without permission – Telecinco (22.40 h):

The family Bandeira prepares for the wedding of Nina and Mario, but the Tiger Madroa also. Your goal is to get out of the way forever to your competitor, and has prepared an attack to end the life of Nemo during the event. In parallel, the arrival of Daniel, the son-in-law of Berta, is a blow to Nina, because the guy has evidence on the life of scandalous that her cousin took in France.

Close (I) – The Sixth (22.30 h):

A group of journalists led by the presenter Antonio García Ferreras are immersed in an organization’s smuggler to get to know their secrets in this documentary about the drug trade in the Campo de Gibraltar. The journalists show the viewer how close the bands of contraband that is responsible for entering from Morocco weapons, tobacco, drugs and even people.

If not t hagués conegut tv series (CCMA)

If not t hagués conegut – TV3 (22.00 h):

The relationship with Elisa, famous singer, also ends in disgrace because of Edward. He, once again, has led, indirectly, a disgrace. Desolate, he returns to see dr. Everest and asks for one last chance. This time not only asks to see his wife Elisa, but especially to his dear children, who both yearns for, Carla and Jan.

Suits: the key to success – 8TV (23.00 h):

Harvey and Louis attempt to assist an important client that is outside of the city. In the second chapter of tonight, Mike accepts a case for humanitarian, which might harm the firm.

Katherine Heigl will be a new partner in the firm of Harvey and Louis. Here, in a scene from Doubt. (CBS)