William Shatner has given permission to a very special production company to make a documentary about his life.

The life of William Shatner (91) is filmed. According to the industry magazine “Variety”, the actor has now given his permission to shoot a documentary about his life after years of refusals.

The “Star Trek” legend’s commitment has a lot to do with the company involved: Legion M, a production company that gives fans the opportunity to invest in films. In a statement, Shatner said: “For years people have approached me to do a documentary about my life, but I’ve always turned it down because it didn’t feel right. When I heard Legion M wanted to involve the audience , it was perfect. Fans have been responsible for my career – it only seems right that they should own this documentary.”

Waiting list is already open

Anyone who wants to invest in the documentary can already sign up for a waiting list, as Legion M announced on Twitter.

The project has not yet been named, but the director has already been chosen in Alexandre O. Philippe. In July, during a panel at Comic Con in San Diego, there will already be a look at the first recordings of the documentary.