Woody Allen: He wants to shoot next film in French


    Woody Allen’s next film is set to take place in France – and it’s set to be shot in French. It could be his last ever.

    Woody Allen (86) wants to stage his next film in Paris. And that’s not all: the director also wants to shoot it in French, with French actors. It would be his first non-English language work. Allen revealed his plans in an interview with the French newspaper “Le Journal du Dimanche”.

    In Paris he presented his current film “Rifkin’s Festival”, once again a homage to European cinema. In the interview, Allen raved about the shooting of his film “Midnight in Paris”, which he directed in the French capital in 2011. “I love this city very much and have visited it many times, each time discovering magical places.”

    Financing already available – or not?

    Allen’s next film is scheduled to begin shooting as early as September this year. It is a love thriller in the style of his “Match Point” from 2006. According to Allen, the financing is already in place. But the American trade journal “Variety” denies this, citing sources that are said to be related to the project.

    Woody Allen had problems financing his last two films. Amazon Prime Video had distanced itself from him because of the

    Woody Allen’s first non-English language film could also be his last ever. In an interview with actor Alec Baldwin (64), the filmmaker recently spoke of the end of his career. He confirmed this to “Le Journal du Dimanche”: “This will be my 50th feature film. It could be the last.”