Yle’s new christmas calendar-in the program joked to president Sauli niinistö at the expense of the.

Yle X3M radio channel Swedish finland Sauli niinistö of the christmas calendar -the name of the program, actor Christoffer Strandberg impersonate the president of the republic Sauli Niinistö . Dirty humor of the program is missing.

in the Photo the president and first lady in Vaasa in November. Jenni Gästgivar / IL

the first section of the visit the ”Saul crafting room.” Also the president’s wife, Jenni Haukio refers to the sketch.

I Can tell you that this is a pretty wild thing. The door read: ”the wife ban.” Even Jenni is not allowed here. It’s pretty wild, so, Niinistö, the Strandberg noted in the beginning of the video.

the Episode joked also Putin and youth culture. Strandberg was presented by Niinistö open the advent calendar doors using old-fashioned computer, which is a golden color. The first door is revealed to Kanye West to make a confusing video.

Christoffer Strandberg presented Sauli niinistö to X3M radio station christmas in the calendar. Juuso Viitanen

the Second section is called ”Saul’s big block”. It started when Niinistö, the Strandberg bouncing on a trampoline.

I’m Sorry, I’m a little moist. Although in December it is dark, just need to keep jumping from one thing to another, the character notes.

in Section strandberg was presented by Niinistö also lit self-made candles and talking to a fire man dreams. As in the first section, also this time christmas calendar door revealed Kanye West in a strange situation.

the Third section presents in turn the Gold-Jaska, who is a strandberg was presented by niinistö, according to the ”Finnish sacred calf.” Also the president are Lennu-dog is mentioned on several occasions.

the Episodes are available on Yle Areena.