Who doesn’t remember those trips as a family? Everyone in the car tight going to the beach, the mountain or the village. Singing the same songs or playing the same games forever. Hours and hours that turned the trails into a magical moment. Fortunately, there are things that never change and these trips continue to be the typical start of a vacation.

however, there are other things that have changed and in this case improved, as are the security measures for the little ones and the stroller baby has been the star product. Because the safety of the children is the most important thing for any father or mother. And hence, that it is so relevant to the election of the chair suitable to his size and weight when children are travelling in car.

The studies reveal that the likelihood that a child will suffer brain injuries in a car accident is higher if you travel from the face of the gear

But in addition to this dilemma that parents face for the first time, the placement of the stroller in the car also influences. That the smaller house (up to four years) are placed plugging is the best option. Thus better protecting the head and the cervical vertebrae in the frontal collisions, which are the most common and those that can have more serious consequences for the occupants.

To 50 kilometres per hour, the head of a 6 month old that weighs 2 kilograms approximately, increases its weight up to 60 kg In the case of a collision and on a chair placed in the face of the gear, the harness blocks the shoulders of the children and the head is thrown with a force that the neck is unable to withstand, causing serious injuries that can involve possible brain damage (or death).

it Is essential, therefore, both the placement of the chair in the car such as choosing a type-approved model that allow travel in reverse for as long as possible and protect the body of the child in case of an accident. In addition, according to the General Regulation of Circulation, the minors that do not exceed 135 cm tall must ride in a restraint approved facilities to its weight and size in the rear seats, with a few exceptions.

Many are the fathers and mothers, to get it right with the election of the chair, consult the reports published by RACE and OCU that includes the results obtained in the tests of the German club of the car, the ADAC and the German consumer organisation Stiftung Warentest.

Sweden was the first country to introduce the chairs to plugging in the 60’s and the statistics of car accidents attest to the benefits of travelling in this direction

In these tests, the chair SWINGFIX i-SIZE of the company Britax Römer is the chair for children from birth up to 4 years of age, approximately, that has obtained the best overall assessment from 2015 -the year that changed the testing protocol-with a special emphasis in the security section. Its M version, called SWINGFIX M i-SIZE -without reducer and approved for use from 61 up to 105 cm height – has achieved the same score and was the winner of the last test, published in October 2018.

These models of Britax Römer, specialized in manufacturing car seats for more than 50 years, have the seal Plus Test, a challenging test carried out in Sweden since 2009 of the hand of agencies related to road safety and that they only manage to pass some of the chairs that are directed exclusively back to the march.

Between the chairs with swivel 360 degree, that allow you to go of face to the fly in the event of a rejection of the plugging on the part of the child in the more advanced stages, both the DUALFIX i-SIZE as the DUALFIX M i-SIZE of Britax Römer are positioned as the chairs with the best overall rating in tests of ADAC. In addition, if you are only used to plugging, the security behavior is the same as that of the SWINGFIX i-SIZE bed, which share design, range of use and security features and comfort.

These four models incorporate innovative security technologies to protect the child both in frontal impacts as side or rear as the system SCIT Inside, which absorbs the energy generated in case of a side impact collision and keeps it away from the child; the Pivot Link on the Isofix connectors, a system patented by Britax Römer, which minimizes the forward movement of the child in case of frontal impact and reduces the risk of injury to head, neck, and back; and a headrest in the shape of a V, specifically designed to control the movement of the head in case of side impact collision.

in Addition, resting in six positions from behind as face-to-motion (on the DUALFIX i-SIZE and DUALFIX M (i-SIZE) and rotate by 90 ° toward both sides to place and fasten the child to be more comfortable and simple.

To continue traveling with the children, and accumulating memories, it is best to place the child car seat of the smaller plug. That way you can ensure your safety and the enjoyment of the whole family.