The data flows of Internet-enabled TVs are not to understand for users often. Also the refusal of consent to data transfers helps rather conditionally, as a Test of the magazine “c’t” (issue 25/2018) of different devices. During the Installation, you exchanged, yet partial data with Streaming services or from called offers HbbTV. About TV channel to show over the Internet add-on content to the current program. The report also States that the Sender behavior in the use in the case of HbbTV, very accurate tracking, even if you denied it in the settings of his device. However, the have shown no visible impact, write the experts.In order to prevent the data leakage, users have different choices. The most Radical: the Smart TV is not connected to the grid. Access to series, movies and media libraries from the network is then different streaming boxes possible. But no access to network drives (NAS) for local Video Streams are possible. Who would like to leave the TV to the local network but not the Internet to communicate, enabled in the Router the DHCP configuration for the TV. At the same time, locks the device on the parental control on the router for the Internet. Smart TVs: What are the data streams really go through the devices? The high amounts of data the Smart TVs are easy to contain. Photo: Christian Klose/dpa-tmn To access the device on the Internet, but not on the home network, you can assign it to a guest network. Streaming from the network is functioning, the Firmware Updates to come. For example, local content from the NAS can no longer play, if the is not in to the guest network. Advantage: If the Smart TV is infected by malicious code, can’t the jump on other home network devices.Access to certain websites with some of the Router also filters. This allows for more control. However, the maintenance of such so-called Blacklists was cumbersome and the size of the Filter small, reported “c’t”.One Option could be to get a Pi, a Filter, running on the same computer Raspberry Pi. Here will be displayed on a graphical user interface, what are the goals of the TV currently controls. There is a large supply of such lists, which could be to your own needs. For so much detailed control over the data flow of the Smart TV, users will need to invest a lot of time in the setup and also network to bring Knowledge, such as the “c’t” reports. The Filter should be carefully supplemented to block any services that you need. Amazon best sellers: Fire TV Stick 4K order here