The woman from Lower Saxony had been bitten by her own animal – only a counter-serum flown in helped her. In her apartment, the police secured the “Top 10 most dangerous snakes”.

A serum saved the life of a 35-year-old from Lower Saxony after being bitten by a rattlesnake. The woman is doing better, she is approachable, said a police spokesman.

Her own rattlesnake had bitten the woman’s finger on Sunday in Sehlde. She was initially taken to a hospital in Salzgitter, but her condition deteriorated and she was transferred to the Hannover Medical School. A counter-serum was flown in from Hamburg to save the 35-year-old’s life, the spokesman said.

She could be “glad not to have been bitten by another snake,” emphasized the police spokesman. The “top 10 most dangerous snakes” were among the animals kept by the woman – well over half of the 115 animals were dangerous poisonous and constrictor snakes.

Woman did not keep snakes in a species-appropriate manner

According to the information, the 35-year-old kept the snakes in plastic containers and not appropriate to the species. According to current knowledge, the animals are basically not in a bad condition.

Now it has to be clarified exactly what kind of animals they are and where they came from. The police confiscated the snakes, and the operation lasted several hours. As a precaution, an ambulance and a rescue helicopter were ready for action during the transport so that they could react quickly in the event of another bite.

A procedure was initiated against the woman under the Animal Welfare Act, she was not initially questioned.