Christian Ulmen as pastor? No, says the “Jerks” star. He only enrolled in theology to reassure his parents.

Actor Christian Ulmen (46) has made a few trips on his career path. After school he was enrolled in evangelical theology.

Did he almost become a pastor? “No, I only did it to calm my parents down,” he said in an interview with the “Zeit” supplement “Christ

“I was retired after high school and spent my Disney money on cab rides and drum kits until there was nothing left,” said Ulmen. “My parents said: It doesn’t work that way. They forced me to sell shoes.” In the warehouse he had to sort boxes by size. “I was pretty good at that. Otherwise it was just sitting down, breathing the air, enduring the neon lights and listening to the music from the Karstadt radio.” He was then kicked out because he smoked in the toilet.

Presenter, director and actor

Ulmen is known today as a moderator, director and actor (“Tatort”, “Jerks”). In addition to raising children, he finds his work meaningful. Is sense something that happens inside? Or does it also have something to do with the outside? «The meaning only works inside, I think. But if that goes well, it works better with the outside,” said Ulmen.

“Probably a more balanced person who has found his purpose. It’s better tolerable outside or ideally even an inspiration, »said Ulmen. When his son was born, he did many senseless things for a while out of concern that he would not be able to feed his family properly. “Sometimes I agreed to films whose books I didn’t really like, but which paid very well. The films were then work. I was ashamed of the premieres.”