While Johnny Depp is currently making his way across the UK with Jeff Beck, Amber Heard already has post-trial plans that include a move to nowhere and new film projects.

Everyone deals with tension differently, some prefer to make music and flee their homeland, others are already making plans for life after the public trial of their messed up marriage. Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are both awaiting judgment in their seven-week court case over their then-marriage. The jury has been sitting again since Tuesday and it is possible that they will come to a decision at any time.

Although Heard is being sued by her ex-husband for defamation and he is demanding $50 million in damages for lost jobs, the defendant is already making plans for a time after the trial. One of them is the escape from Los Angeles. According to the online magazine “Marca”, the actress will leave Los Angeles and move to the Californian desert. She is said to own a million-dollar mansion there and feel more connected to the local community. One reason for the move is the media hounding of Heard, which she wants to spare herself and her daughter Oonagh Paige Heard.

Amber Heard is set to play the role of a psychiatrist in the future

But Johnny Depp’s ex-wife is also said to have new plans professionally. According to Geo News, Heard is expected to star in two new films, allowing her Hollywood career to continue regardless of jury verdict. The films are said to be Run Away With Me and In the Fire. In terms of content, “Run Away With Me” revolves around the story of an American man in Paris who falls in love with a model and, according to IMDb, the two become intertwined in the criminal underworld of the European modeling industry. However, the role in “In the Fire” is almost ironic in relation to the current trial. Here she is supposed to play a New York psychiatrist.

In the Depp v. Heard trial, a former Hollywood producer testified that Amber Heard lost around $50 million in Johnny Depp’s defamation lawsuit due to a lack of job offers because no one wanted to book her anymore. This situation seems to be taking a turn for the better of the accused.

Quellen: Brand, Geo News