He is often in the limelight, but also appreciates the opposite: Hans Löw also looks inward.

Actor Hans Löw gains very positive aspects from a topic that burdens many people. “I find loneliness extremely important,” said the 46-year-old (“I am your person”) in an interview with the German Press Agency in Hamburg.

The film and theater star explained: “A wise man once said that one of the greater problems facing humanity is that people are so bad at being alone. I think there’s something to it – and I’m often really looking for solitude.”

Although he actually leads a normal life surrounded by family and colleagues, he consciously goes for walks alone or spends a day just with himself and puts the phones away. «Simply turning your gaze inward – but of course that can also be uncomfortable. The confrontation with yourself is not always pleasant, »said Löw. But that is essential in order to be able to be creative again later.

From Tuesday, June 28, the actor will show in the six-part RTL series “Strafe” based on Ferdinand von Schirach’s bestselling collection of stories of the same name (2018) that loneliness can also have destructive consequences. In the episode “The Thorn” directed by Hüseyin Tabak (which, however, comes from Schirach’s book “Crime”), he plays a museum attendant who sits alone in a poorly frequented exhibition room for almost 30 years. And succumbs to dangerous obsessions.