Protection against UV radiation and fashion accessory: June 27th is sunglasses day. How do you find the perfect fit?

As early as the 15th century, people were using colored lenses to counteract the glare of the sun – but they were not particularly effective in protecting against UV rays. In 1905, the Schott company launched the first glasses with UV protection. But sunglasses are no longer just practical protection for our eyes from harmful UV radiation.

With the arrival of Ray-Ban’s aviators in 1936, sunglasses became a fashion accessory. The aviator remains one of the most popular fits today, but numerous other styles have been added over the years. So how do you find the perfect fit for your own face?

Sunglasses for oval faces

We usually perceive oval faces as particularly harmonious because their proportions are balanced. The forehead and chin are usually somewhat narrower, the cheeks more pronounced. People with an oval face shape are lucky: almost any pair of sunglasses suits them. Angular lenses make the contours appear more distinctive, while rounder frames ensure softer features.

However, the glasses should not be too narrow for an oval face: Narrow frames also visually stretch the face and make it appear longer.

Rectangular sunglasses elongate round faces

Round faces are usually not very well defined and appear very soft. The forehead and cheeks are usually about the same width, the chin is round. Rectangular and square sunglasses give the face more contour and elongate it optically. Asymmetrical shapes, such as the cat eye, also distract from the soft facial features.

Round and small frames, on the other hand, tend to emphasize the round face shape.

The best sunglasses for heart shaped faces

People with a heart-shaped face usually have a rather broad forehead and pronounced cheeks, but a pointed, narrow chin. The right shape of sunglasses can help balance the chin and forehead. Round or oval frames are particularly suitable. The best choice for heart-shaped faces is therefore the classic aviator glasses. It softens the chin without emphasizing the broader forehead.

Softer contours for square faces

Angular faces are characterized by the fact that the forehead, cheeks and jawbones are about the same width. Round sunglasses, cat-eye frames or aviator glasses give the distinctive facial features softer contours.

Square sunglasses, on the other hand, emphasize the strong facial features and can make the charisma appear somewhat severe.