The allegations against Hollywood star Kevin Spacey seem to have no end. Because of alleged sexual assault, he now apparently has to go to court in New York.

Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey (62) is facing another lawsuit for alleged sexual assault.

A judge in New York rejected Spacey’s request to dismiss the lawsuit filed by actor Anthony Rapp (50) in 2020, as reported by the broadcaster “Law and Crime”. Judge Lewis A. Kaplan ruled that a jury should decide allegations of abuse in the 1980s, court documents show.

Rapp explains that Spacey had become abusive at a party at his New York home in 1986. At that time, Rapp, who later became known with the musical “Rent” and the TV series “Star Trek: Discovery”, was 14 years old. With his civil suit against Spacey he wants to win damages. The two-time Oscar winner (“The Usual Suspects”, “American Beauty”) has denied the allegations.

Spacey was reported in the UK at the end of May for sexually assaulting three men. The British public prosecutor’s office in London said there were three cases between 2005 and 2013.

Allegations of sexual assault and harassment were raised against Spacey in the fall of 2017 during the MeToo debate. Several plaintiffs went to court, but some lawsuits were dropped or dismissed because of the statute of limitations. Crew members of the Netflix series “House of Cards” also accused Spacey of sexual harassment. The streaming giant then canceled the collaboration with him.