Many children, young and old, use occasions like Father’s Day to give their dad presents. If you are still looking for a little gift, you will find it here.

Actually, you don’t need a reason to make your loved ones happy. Nevertheless, recurring events such as the unofficial Father’s Day on Ascension Day or your own father’s birthday are a good opportunity to look for a little gift. Because what could be nicer than looking into the bright eyes of a loved one while they unwrap their gift? However, as the children get older, it becomes more and more difficult to find a suitable present for the father – one that has not already been given to him. For this reason, below you will find ten nice gift ideas for men.

1. Keychain

It may be a little cheesy, but it’s straight from the heart: a genuine leather keychain engraved with the words “Best Dad”. The associated key ring has a diameter of 33 millimeters and thus offers enough space for several keys. Here is the trailer.

2. Beer Brewing Set

Brew your own Pils in just seven days? No problem with this brewing set: All the ingredients you need for this, as well as a 5-liter barrel as a fermentation tank, are already included in the scope of delivery. All you need for brewing is water – and space in the fridge. The beer brew set is available here.

3. Memory Album

Do you know how your parents met? Or how good your father was at school? All of these questions should be answered (in writing) in the album – and bring families closer together. A treasure trove of memories that you will appreciate very much later on. Here is the album.

4. Steak cutlery

For a good steak you need sharp knives. This set from WMF contains six steak forks and six steak knives made of stainless steel, which are not only rustproof and dishwasher-safe, but also dimensionally stable. Here is the set.

5. Made by Papa

67 handicraft ideas combined in just one book: “Projects for fathers and children” promises the title. Behind it are comprehensive instruction sketches that are intended to encourage you to tinker. A nice idea to (again) spend more time with his father and to implement joint projects. Here is the book.

6. Toolbox

Your father is a passionate (hobby) craftsman and loves to eat chocolate? Then this toolbox is just right for him: The set includes tools made of whole milk and dark chocolate – two wrenches, pliers, a screwdriver and a hammer. The set is here.

7. Neck massage

Does your father suffer from (chronic) neck pain? Then this Shiatsu massager with heat function could be an ideal supplement: It is suitable for tense regions in the neck, shoulders, back, waist and around the stomach, arms, legs and feet. Here is the device.

8. Spices

Six different spices filled in cork jars: If your father likes to grill, you can give him a little something with this set. It contains the varieties “Magic Dust”, “Patatas Bravas”, “Pfeffer Symphonie”, “Steakpepper Hamburg”, “Herbal Butter Spice” and “Spice Salt” – without preservatives or flavor enhancers. The grill set is available here.

9. Armband 

15 strong magnets ensure that screws and nails, drill bits and nuts stick to the tool belt. It easily attaches to the wrist and helps hobbyists avoid losing or misplacing screws. Here you get the magnetic bracelet.

10. Don Papa Rum

The rum had to mature in oak barrels for over seven years to achieve its amber appearance. It is only produced in small batches and contains various flavors such as vanilla, honey and candied fruit. Certainly a good choice for men who appreciate a fine wine.

And one last tip: If you haven’t found anything suitable in this list, you’ll find even more gift ideas for Father’s Day here.

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