Actor Ben Affleck visited a Los Angeles car dealership with his fiancée Jennifer Lopez and his son Samuel. When the ten-year-old sat in the driver’s seat of a luxury SUV, it had unexpected consequences.

It must be the dream of many car-crazy boys: to sit behind the steering wheel of a luxury car, maybe put your foot on the gas pedal and play with the numerous buttons on the dashboard. So did Samuel, actor Ben Affleck’s 10-year-old son from his marriage to Jennifer Garner. The boy accompanied his father and his fiancé Jennifer Lopez to a Los Angeles car dealership this weekend. The celebrity couple is apparently looking for a new family car and examined several high-priced cars, including a yellow Lamborghini Urus, from the supplier “777 Exotics”.

The luxury SUV has 650 hp and a starting price of around 220,000 euros. The US portal “” published a video showing Affleck and Lopez inspecting the car. He sits in the driver’s seat, she gets in the back. However, Ben Affleck is not the only one testing the car: the 49-year-old also lets his son behind the wheel for a moment while the engine is running. At that moment, the video shows the car jumping backwards and ramming an adjacent BMW.

Ben Affleck’s son hits a BMW in his Lamborghini

An employee of the car dealership then immediately runs to the rear of the car and looks to see if there has been a scratch. Affleck and his son also get an idea of ​​the mishap. While the ten-year-old is running across the parking lot, the actor gets back in the car and drives it forward a little. Later, Affleck hugs his boy comfortingly and talks to another dealership employee.

A spokesman for the Hollywood star said according to “” that there was no damage and that everyone is fine. According to the dealership, the two cars were just parked too close together. There was contact, but no real accident. Nevertheless, ten-year-old Samuel Affleck will not soon forget his trip to the car dealership.

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