There hasn’t been so much enthusiasm for “Bares for Rares” for a long time: An old shadow theater awakened the play instinct in Horst Lichter and the dealers – much to the delight of the salespeople.

At the beginning of “Bares for Rares”, Horst Lichter switched off the lamps: an old shadow theater with a backlit wall aroused his interest, and before things really got going he wanted to play a round with expert Detlev Kümmel.

Playing time at “Bares for Rares”

Linn Ewald and Jonas Lorbeer, a young couple from Rheinhessen, brought it with them. The good piece is more than 100 years old, Kümmel reports, it was created around 1900 in Nuremberg. It is a “Neues Nürnberger Schattentheater” produced by C Abel-Klinger Verlag, which allows for various stage configurations. Among other things, you can perform a “Seascape with a sinking ship” or “The Swedes are coming”.

The seller couple are modest and do not want more than 200 euros for it, but expert caraway estimates the value at 500 to 700 euros. In view of the enthusiasm in the dealer room, this seems quite realistic.

Daniel Meyer’s head cinema jumps straight away and he begins to tell a story: “It was cloudy in Tauris, the cyclops rose out of the sea and ate all the children”. Fortunately, before he could elaborate on the gory story, the vendors came into the room.

“We both enjoy it”

Meyer opened the bidding: “I’m really excited to play pirate attack and demise with Roman,” he said, “that’s why I’m starting with 200 euros.” The aforementioned Roman Runkel got on board, together they drove up the price.

Both really wanted to win the game: “Someone who really enjoys it has to have it. And we both enjoy it,” said Meyer. Unfortunately, you can’t split it up, he justified his bid of 480 euros. Then Runkel wanted to get off: “If I say 490 now, he says 500,” sighed the Rhinelander.

But Meyer made him an offer: “If you say 500 now – that’s a magical limit.” So the contract finally went to Roman Runkel. He pulled out his wallet beaming and asked his fellow bidder to play.

Susanne Steiger summarized the competition appropriately: “You’ve already won the first battle.”

Source: “Bares for Rares” in the ZDF media library