Pietro Lombardi gave a little boy a great, spontaneous joy. The musician overheard a conversation in a shop and immediately took action to help the boy.

Pietro Lombardi has earned his fortune himself and comes from a humble background. The former DSDS winner is now said to be a millionaire. But Lombardi has always stayed close to the people and down to earth, which can also be seen regularly in his social media appearances. In an Instagram story from last Thursday, he tells a heartbreaking story about a little boy that just happened to him.

Lombardi writes on a black slide with white writing: “I try on my shoes and hear a little boy in front of me saying: ‘Unfortunately, the shoes are too expensive, let’s go’ – that took my dad’s heart and then I thought to myself, let’s make the little one happy”. On the next slide in the story, his followers can now see the boy euphorically trying on the shoes. Of course, at Lombardi’s request, he writes: “It’s the little things in life”.

Pietro Lombardi buys the sneakers for the strange boy

The boy opts for grey-red sneakers. Of course, the pop star pays at the checkout and explains to the boy that he has now put his old shoes in the box so that the little boy can keep his new sneakers on. The boy thanks him profusely, but still seems a little speechless about Pietro Lombardi’s unexpected gift. The two hit it off and Lombardi says, “Have fun with it, yeah?” He also adds that he is in the store once a year.

Pietro Lombardi is himself the father of a seven-year-old son, whom he also likes and often makes happy. Furthermore, Lombardi is also a helpful friend. So he let the comedian Oliver Pocher live in his house with his family for months when their home was destroyed by the flood disaster. He himself went to hotels and said that it was easier that way for his friends with two small children.

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