Many documentaries have been published about Britney Spears in recent years. She doesn’t seem to be a big fan of it herself.

Britney Spears (40) vents her anger! According to “Daily Mail”, the singer shared a longer message on Instagram, which she has since deleted. In it she complained about the many documentaries that were made about her “without her permission”. “I think the US did a wonderful job of embarrassing me,” the enraged musician apparently wrote. “Is it really legal to make so many documentaries about someone without their permission?” she also wondered.

Spears: Documentaries are the ‘most insulting’

What annoys her the most is that the makers of these documentaries often claim their revelations help Spears. “It was the most offensive thing I’ve ever seen but every person I speak to says that’s why guardianship ended…REALLY??? That’s the saddest thing I’ve ever heard “Emphasized the “Toxic” interpreter.

“They always treated me like that, that’s really what my family did. They threw me away and treated me like nothing,” she added. It’s so “insulting” that it’s not even “funny,” Spears said. She’s tired of defending people who won’t defend her.

Britney Spears recently spent her honeymoon with her husband Sam Asghari (28) in a tropical paradise. Spears often stressed the importance of Asghari’s support to her.