For the first time in years, Britney Spears sings the hit “Baby One More Time” on Instagram – and it sounds completely different than usual.

Britney Spears (40) regularly shares her dance talent with her fans on Instagram. However, fans have not heard her singing for a long time. It is all the more surprising that the singer now performs her song “Baby One More Time” without instruments and in her own version in a clip on Instagram.

With an unusually dark and powerful voice, Spears delivers a much smokier and slower version of their mega hit in two videos. She impresses with a surprising vocal power. The singer also suspects that this will probably be unexpected for her fans, writing: “I haven’t shared my voice in an extremely long time … maybe too long.” Speaking about the new sound of Baby One More Time, she said: “I’ve been asking for what I want for 14 years…a different version of ‘Baby’.”

Spears’ family “ruined” her love of music

Although her producers put together a new version for her, her team later rejected it, she continues. Instead, “four girls including my sister” would have received a five-minute version of four songs remixed. “By doing so, they ruined it for me, embarrassed me and made me feel absolutely worthless,” she admits.

Is it too late for Britney’s version?

The 40-year-old shares the video of her version because she “does not want to be a victim” anymore. However, they cannot comply with their fans’ desire to re-record the song: “You say: ‘Do it now after 14 years of pleading and begging’. […] It’s too late. As I said, they have ruined it for me.”