Bruce Willis suffers from aphasia. His wife Emma explains that nothing can stop the action star.

At the end of March it was announced that actor Bruce Willis (67) was retiring because he was suffering from aphasia. The action star is obviously a real fighter, as his wife, Emma Heming-Willis (43), now describes on Instagram. That is one of the reasons why she fell in love with her husband at the time.

“So much respect, love and admiration for this man”

“Fear never stopped him,” Heming-Willis wrote of an old clip that shows him singing on stage with the band The Temptations. It takes a certain amount of self-confidence to pull off something like that. You can say what you want, “but this guy has always been driven by his passion” and he has never let the critics dissuade him from anything. That’s exactly why she has “so much respect, love and admiration for this man”.

A few weeks ago, Willis’ family made it public that the actor was ending his career. “With Bruce’s amazing supporters, we want to share as a family that our beloved Bruce is struggling with health issues and was recently diagnosed with aphasia that affects his cognitive abilities.” This is a disorder that can affect all areas of speech. Those affected may have problems speaking and understanding language, including reading and writing.

Bruce Willis has been married to his wife Emma since 2009. The two have daughters Mabel (10) and Evelyn (8) together. His daughters Rumer, Scout (30) and Tallulah (28) also come from a previous marriage to his fellow actress Demi Moore (59).