The Ukraine war is putting old certainties of the Greens to the test. Claudia Roth embodies the historical turning point like hardly any other politician. What drives you?

Claudia Roth changed her clothes again. “Aaaand?” she asks, pointing to her outfit, a short, black dress with embroidered silver flowers. It’s rare that she’s not the most colorful in the room, but today people are smearing glitter on their faces and waving rainbow flags. It’s a very important evening in Claudia Roth’s year: the Eurovision Song Contest. Fabric flowers and felt bees hang from the ceiling above her, and there is slush ice cream at the counter. She celebrates in the cordoned off area of ​​a Cologne gay bar with Green politicians and election campaigners. Everyone is euphoric. But no one is as unironically enthusiastic as Roth.