With more than twelve million followers on Youtube, Technoblade was one of the most important Minecraft players on the video platform. He has now died as a result of cancer.

Technoblade was considered one of the most important Minecraft players on Youtube. Over twelve million people followed the gamer on the video platform and clicked on the videos from his game streams millions of times. The 23-year-old has now died of complications from cancer.

The family confirmed this in a video titled “So long nerds” (Bye well, nerds) on the 23-year-old’s channel. In tears, the gamer’s father left a farewell message to fans. “Hello everyone, this is Technoblade. If you see the video, I’m dead. Let’s all sit down and have one last chat,” the message says at the beginning. His real name is Alex, he and the family keep his last name secret to protect privacy. In a 2016 prank, he was named Dave by one of his siblings. Thousands of spooky online dudes would then want to get way too personal by asking “Hey Dave, how are you?”.

Technoblade thanked his followers for the years of support: “If I had another 100 lives available, I would probably choose to be Technoblade again every time. Those were the happiest years of my life,” says the video. He hopes his followers enjoyed his content and would have made them laugh. “I hope you all have long and happy lives because I love you all.”

Minecraft professional Technoblade made the disease public last year

Technoblade and his father had been discussing for several months that there would be a farewell video. “He wanted to write down everything he wanted to say goodbye early on,” says his father. But that became increasingly difficult for the 23-year-old as his illness progressed. At the end of June he then gathered the strength to write a few paragraphs. “When he did that, he was done. After that, he lived for eight hours,” said his father through tears. The whole family was able to say goodbye. “He was the greatest son anyone could ask for.”

In a final text message from the family, they thanked the fans again for their support. “Technoblade honored and valued its fans and its peers.” Despite his success, he has always remained the humble son who has never sought personal fame but has veiled his true identity. “My son’s bravery in fighting cancer is a lesson to all of us who have had the privilege of accompanying him.”

The YouTuber, who began his career in 2013, publicized his illness in a video last year. Accordingly, he had had pain in his arm for several days. When the shoulder also swelled massively, he sought medical advice. The examinations revealed stage four cancer. The number of videos then decreased, also because he had undergone chemotherapy. Within a day, the video was viewed more than 37 million times on YouTube.