After the fan chaos at the Champions League final, France’s interior minister raises serious allegations against Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp.

Last Saturday there were riots between Liverpool fans and the French police at the Champions League final in Paris. After many fans tried to get into the stadium without a ticket, the French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin raised serious allegations against Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp.

“I remind you that a few days ago the Liverpool manager called on fans to come to France without tickets,” Darmanin said, referring to Klopp’s statements that fans could go to Paris without tickets because the city ​​is big enough.

Champions League chaos: heavy criticism of Liverpool fans

The French interior minister also shot again specifically at Liverpool fans, who had already caused problems in the 2021 Champions League final: “And that led to similar difficulties. The same problems existed at Wembley last year: the behavior, the disorganization and a huge market for counterfeit tickets,” said the politician about the 2020 European Championship final.

Liverpool are currently trying to work out the circumstances and have requested an investigation from UEFA. “I would like to express our regret with the minister about the organization of this final, because a minority was not able to see the game in full,” said the interior minister.