The violent death of a sibling couple in Hanau caused horror in May. The suspected father is now back in Germany. Before the magistrate, he was silent on the allegations.

Almost two months after the violent death of two siblings, seven and eleven years old, in Hanau, the father of the siblings, who was suspected of murder, was extradited to Germany and taken into custody.

In the course of the extradition process, officers of the target search of the Hessian State Criminal Police Office and the Hanau Criminal Police Office K11 picked up the 47-year-old in Paris on Thursday and brought him to Germany, as the Hanau public prosecutor announced. The man was arrested by the French police on May 14 after an intensive search in a Paris suburb and has been in extradition custody in France since then.

The man with Indian nationality was brought before the responsible investigating judge at the district court in Hanau in the afternoon, who ordered him to be held in custody. The 47-year-old was taken to a Frankfurt correctional facility. According to the public prosecutor, the man had denied the crime he was accused of to the French authorities. However, when he was presented to the magistrate, he did not comment on the allegation.

The death of the two children on May 11 of this year had also caused nationwide horror. On the morning of that day, an eleven-year-old boy was found lying on the ground in front of a high-rise apartment building in downtown Hanau. He died a short time later in a hospital. Officials found his seven-year-old sister dead in the apartment where the two children lived with their mother. According to the investigators, she died of injuries caused by “sharp violence in the neck area”, with the boy a fall from a great height was the cause of death. How the fall came about is under investigation.

The man is said to have been noticed before the act in a case of domestic violence. After the family problems became known, the Hanau Youth Welfare Office became active and organized socio-educational family support through an independent agency. Shortly before the crime, the Hanau municipal social service (KSD) had received feedback from the responsible family support agency that “the family relationship had probably deteriorated,” as the city of Hanau announced. That’s why the KSD decided to seek dialogue and intervene again. The crime happened a few days later.