More than a hundred people are waiting in front of a music club in Hamburg when a group of aggressive people appear. A fight ensues, in which several people are injured.

Several people were injured in a mass brawl in front of a Hamburg music club on Thursday evening. During a band’s performance, a group suddenly appeared who were looking for a dispute with the more than 100 guests waiting in front of the door, the police said on Friday.

Up to 40 people took part in the brawl, in which wooden slats and e-scooters are said to have been used. There were indications that supporters of HSV and FC St. Pauli could have been involved in the argument, it said. The State Criminal Police Office responsible for sports violence took over the investigation.

After several emergency calls, the police arrived with 30 patrol cars, several motorcycle patrols and officers with dogs. The fire department sent a number of ambulances. When the officials arrived, numerous participants fled, but around 20 people continued to fight. The police used pepper spray. When a 24-year-old was arrested, another man tried to free him. He punched an officer and slightly injured him. The 21-year-old was also arrested, police said.

According to the information, paramedics treated several participants on an outpatient basis. Two injured were taken to the hospital. The police blocked the road for the duration of the operation. Officers checked a number of people around the music club. The concert was cancelled.