How does a dermatologist actually protect herself from sunburn and premature skin aging? The star asked the dermatologist Yael Adler. Also: Is it true that sunscreen prevents the formation of vitamin D in the skin?

Miss Dr. Adler, you are a dermatologist with your own practice in Berlin. How do you protect yourself from UV rays in summer?

My favorite motto is: avoid, dress, cream. Avoid: stay in the shade if possible and, above all, stay out of the midday sun. Clothing: wherever you cannot protect yourself with loose, tightly woven clothing, a hat and glasses, you should use creams, i.e. sunscreen. I am fair skinned and rode my bike to work today. It was sunny. In the morning I used sunscreen with SPF 50 on my face.

SPF 50? Not even many Mallorca vacationers wear it that thick.