Before the end of this month, the EU Commission intends to assess whether Ukraine can officially become a candidate for EU membership. For the Ukrainian President Selenskyj, his country is already part of the EU.

According to its President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Ukraine already considers itself a part of the European Union.

“Ukraine has already become a de facto member of the EU,” said Zelenskyy in a video address to the Luxembourg parliament. “I believe that Ukraine is already showing through its actions that it meets the European criteria.”

Selenskyj was convinced that Luxembourg would work to obtain the official status of an EU accession candidate in June and “to become an EU member in an accelerated process”. “Europe is facing a major test. Is Europe able to defend its values?” said the Ukrainian President.

Without mentioning Russian President Vladimir Putin by name, he said: “You have to stop this individual from destroying European values. If we don’t work together to stop this man, these are dark hours. Dark hours that we already experienced in the Second World War.”

Zelenskyj called for further EU sanctions against Russia and the delivery of “more weapons, modern weapons”. The Russian attack on Ukraine is a “disaster of global proportions, reminding us of World War II, when the Nazi threat hung across Europe.”