It embodies Britain in a bottle and was Queen Mum’s favorite drink: gin. It has been a high-proof bestseller in bars for years. It is now also available without alcohol. Two alternatives that really taste good.

Gin and tonic is my favorite drink when I’m in the bar. So I know from my own experience how difficult it is to find a good non-alcoholic gin. Unfortunately there are many disappointing alternatives, many products taste watery or the taste disappears completely when mixed with tonic and they are not cheap. However, I was very happy to have found two gins that are not only aromatic but also made with quality ingredients. They also have a strong flavor that pairs well with a blender.

Gin-Tipp 1: Nona June

Produced in Belgium, Nona June is an excellent substitute for quality gin. To replicate the complexity and flavor of gin, Nona is distilled from no fewer than nine different botanicals. It has a wonderful taste of juniper, fresh lemon, fragrant black pepper and basil and was created in collaboration with top chefs and sommeliers, which is why it is served in several Michelin star restaurants.I love Nona for its quality ingredients, intense flavor and aromas. Its flavor profile reminds me of gins like Whitley Neill Gin or Ophir, which is why it works well not only with tonic but also with ginger beer. Serve with a slice of orange and fresh basil.

Gin-Tipp 2: Laori Juniper 1

Laori is a beautiful, natural gin from Berlin with a great, refreshing taste. It is distilled from eight different botanicals using a technique used to create French perfumes. With its fresh flavor notes of lemon, juniper and rosemary, it is comparable to a Tanqueray or Hendricks and can therefore be enjoyed with lemon or cucumber. The perfect weeknight gin that’s hard to believe is non-alcoholic.

Both gins are safe for pregnant women who may be avoiding sage, and make a great pairing with a classic G

All the drinks presented in the “Zero Alcohol” series have been selected and tasted by the editors. They are only recommended if they meet our quality standards.

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