Massages with the Gua Sha stone help to reduce swelling and tension in the body. The blood and lymph circulation is stimulated by friction, so that the skin should appear relaxed and fresh. How to use the beauty tool.

The Gua Sha stone is reminiscent of the popular beauty gadget, the jade roller. However, the functions are only partially similar. A jade roller is suitable for a gentle facial massage using light pressure on the skin. The Gua Sha stone, on the other hand, is useful for the targeted release of tension and exerts significantly more pressure on the skin. Classically it is used on the face, but a massage with the Gua Sha stone on the back is also possible. There are different forms of the stone. Here you can find out what you should know about the use and effects of Gua Sha stones.

What is a Gua Sha Stone?

Celebrated as a beauty gadget, the Gua Sha stone has its origins in traditional Chinese medicine. It comes in different shapes and sizes – depending on which areas are being massaged with the stone.

Gua Sha Stone: Effect

First and foremost, a Gua Sha stone should help to reduce stress and tension through a pleasant massage. The massage with the beauty gadget also relaxes the facial muscles. This provides relief from tension in the face (e.g. due to clenching of the jaw).

Gua Sha Stone: Application

If you use the Gua Sha stone in the morning, you can – like with the jade roller – relieve swelling in the face by stimulating the lymphatic flow through the massage.

Tip: Put the Gua Sha stone in the fridge before use (e.g. overnight). Cold water is also suitable. Apart from the soothing massage, the cooling can also ensure that redness and swelling subside.

The massage is ideal for working nourishing serums or oils into the skin. Simply apply the product of your choice before use and massage the care deeper into the skin with the Gua Sha stone. The combination also helps the gadget glide better over the skin.

For a fresh look, you should always roll from the inside out so that the lymphatic fluid is properly transported away. The special shape of the Gua Sha stone is suitable for different parts of the face and can be easily adapted to the contours. Using light pressure, pull the beauty tool along your jaw towards your ears. Work your way up the cheeks to the eye area. The notched side of the Gua Sha stone is suitable for the eye area. On the other hand, the long flat side on the forehead. Thanks to the stimulation by the stone, the lymphatic fluid is effectively transported away and swelling and redness subside.

If the Gua Sha stone is not used on the face, tension – for example on the back – can also be massaged with it. However, this is only possible with help, preferably from a person with expertise.

Difference Gua Sha Stone and Jade Roller

Gua sha stone and jade roller appear similar because they are made from the same materials and both are used for facial massage. However, the beauty gadgets fulfill different purposes and have different effects on the skin.

As the name suggests, the jade roller rolls over the face. You can choose between a small and a large roll. One is for the delicate area under the eyes and the other for the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. Only light pressure is applied to the skin during use. This is where the difference to the Gua Sha stone becomes apparent. They tend to scrape the skin and exert significantly more pressure. This can create more friction and blood circulation and lymphatic flow are stimulated in a more targeted manner.

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