Fashion: Glööckler celebrates birthday – “Today I feel like 20”


    The fashion designer Glööckler celebrates his 57th birthday – but feels much younger. At a party in his garden in Kirchheim, well-known faces from the RTL “jungle camp” also came by.

    Fashion designer Harald Glööckler considers age to be a “number that is stuck on you”.

    “Perhaps our calendar is not correct at all, and we are actually much younger or older,” he said on Monday in Kirchheim in the Palatinate. Glööckler celebrated his 57th birthday there with a colorful garden party.

    Among the guests in the “Château Pompöös” in spring-like weather were Linda Nobat and Manuel Flickinger, with whom Glööckler was recently in the RTL “jungle camp”. “Today I feel like 20,” said the artist as he cut the four-tiered cake.

    Glööckler was born in Maulbronn (Baden-Württemberg) and has lived in the Palatinate since 2015. At the time, he was looking forward to his 18th birthday, said the fashion designer. “I could get away from my old man.” His father treated his mother and him badly. “Then there were a few birthdays that we were no longer looking forward to. But at some point I thought, now it doesn’t matter anyway.”

    Birthday parties themselves are not very important to him, said Glööckler. “Actually, birthdays are not a reason to celebrate. But they are a nice way to bring people together. Especially after the corona pandemic, it’s finally time for something to happen again – like today with this afternoon coffee.”