Leni Klum is a guest juror in the semi-finals of “Germany’s next top model” and gives an insight into life with model mom Heidi.

Semi-finals on “Germany’s next top model” (Thursday, 8:15 p.m., ProSieben) – and of course the challenges don’t get any easier, as Anita (21) quite rightly states. This time, for the shoot, the women are installed at the top of a movable pole, where they are supposed to sway back and forth and pose at a height of almost five meters. After the first attempts at rapprochement, the acrobatic exercise turns out to be feasible for most. Only Noëlla (25) struggles with her fear of heights, while Lieselotte (66) wonders whether the screws in her back give her more or less stability…

Another challenge are the clothes that the models have to wear on the pole during the shoot. These look like inflatable tents made out of skydiving material. Or as Noëlla puts it: “I feel like a marshmallow.”

Funny moments between Leni and Heidi

Another highlight of the episode comes with Heidi Klum (48) on the set: this time the guest judge is the daughter and model Leni Klum (18), who provides entertainment with compliments to the models, her giggles and her broken German. Mama Klum: “Today I not only look at the models, but also at my offspring, that they behave…” Leni: “What is Nachwurst?”

The two rival the season’s other mother-daughter duo, Lou-Anne, 18, and Martina, 50. When the little daughter gets the sunglasses from Mama’s bag, Heidi sighs: “I told her exactly what to do, but she doesn’t listen to me.” Just like before, she would have her giant bag with her for such cases: “It used to be diapers, pacifiers and whatever. Now I still drag things behind her.” But Leni also glues the fallen fingernail back onto her mother’s finger with superglue. When it comes to the mother-daughter duo of the season, Leni quickly makes it clear that she would definitely want to win against her mother. “But then I wouldn’t want to win!” Said Heidi. Finally, Heidi’s “Nachwurst” reveals itself when she throws her high heels away when she leaves. “She can’t walk in high heels!” laughs Heidi.

But back to the main actresses. With the exception of Noëlla and Lieselotte, they make full use of the mobility of the pole. “Now let’s see how the thing can move! We didn’t know that!” The Klums are amazed at Anita. But Lou-Anne shoots the bird, who turns and swings back and forth so violently that Leni and Heidi alternately screech, hug each other in fear, open their mouths in disbelief or cover their eyes with their hands. Lou-Anne, epitome of coolness, then only: “Unfortunately the last shooting.” The only thing that pisses her off is her mother, as the probably most violent argument between the two in the evening shows.

“Oh my goodness, are you sending them up there?”

When the photographer Kristian Schuller found out about Lieselotte’s age, he was shocked and asked: “Oh my goodness, are you sending her up there?” Lieselotte can’t really believe that either, and is already crying with excitement in advance. Watching is probably just as difficult for the viewers, Heidi, Leni and Lieselotte. Above all, she is hovering at her breaking point, which is why the photographer only needs a minute to take the photo. No rocking back and forth, the lifting platforms within reach. The question that then arises: “How do you rate that, she was up there for a minute and the others did a lot more…” Photographer: “Yes, fortunately that’s your job.”

During the last elimination walk, the models are supposed to walk down the catwalk in a hoop skirt, which is slowly burning away. Apparently nothing can shock Lieselotte anymore: “If we burn, we will be extinguished immediately.” Because so much is happening down below, not much is happening up on this walk. The women focus on floating down the runway as slowly as possible, which doesn’t look spectacular but feels sublime for all models. May it be granted to them, after all it could be the last walk for everyone.

It’s over for Lieselotte

Then finally the decision as to who will be in the final of “GNTM” season 17: Luca (20), Anita, Noëlla and of course Martina and Lou-Anne. Saying Lieselotte that her dream ends here is visibly difficult for Heidi: “I have to be fair. And you can’t imagine how difficult it is for me, Lieselotte – but unfortunately I don’t have a photo for you today.” For Lieselotte “completely ok” – she is just “sad that I don’t see Heidi anymore”.

The final conversation between Heidi and her daughter should also not be entirely unimportant. She asks when Leni will take over her show and the answer comes surprisingly quickly and confidently: “In three years.”