The insolvent fashion chain Orsay wants to close its 197 branches in Germany at the end of June. Around 1,200 employees will lose their jobs.

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Now it’s a done deal: the Orsay fashion chain is officially disappearing from the scene – and faster than expected. Because all Orsay branches in Germany will be closed in just a few weeks. This is reported by “Textile Industry”.

Orsay closes: when will the branches disappear?

The fashion giant had already confirmed at the end of 2021 that it had opened a protective umbrella. The next shock followed in March: Orsay terminated the leases of the 197 branches on July 1st. Previously, only the closure of about 79 shops was mentioned.

But the Orsay brand should not be over for the time being: “The continuation of the stationary shops in Germany is still open today,” said a company spokesman in March. Due to the insolvency, the company had been looking for a new operator.

But it is now clear: There is no more hope for Orsay. But when will the fashion chain disappear forever? All Orsay branches will close at the end of June, according to the group to the trade journal. Accordingly, the end is imminent for all 197 shops. Around 1,200 employees will lose their jobs.

It is not yet clear what will become of the Orsay stores. No details are known for a successor.