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Kiel: Drummer twirls drumsticks 105 times per minute – record


You often see drummers twirling their drumsticks around their own fingers at concerts. They often do this in the short rests leading up to the next bars. A musician from Kiel has perfected this art.

The drummer Bastian Gregor from Kiel turns his drumsticks around his fingers like a propeller: the 33-year-old did it 105 times a minute while accompanying the Elvis Presley song “Mystery Train” with the drums.

The musician has thus set a world record in the discipline “Most drumstick revolutions in one minute”. The record institute for Germany (RID) has certified the drummer of the Hamburg rockabilly trio Biggs B. Sonic this best performance. On Monday evening he received a corresponding certificate in Hamburg.

There was no category before

In order to recognize the world record, record judge Olaf Kuebecker and his team took a close look at the man from Kiel – in a submitted video. “It wasn’t easy to count. We had to slow down the video significantly in order to see all the rotations,” saidkuchenbecker. According to the information, the category did not exist before. “But we thought it was artistic enough to acknowledge that. Above all, because it succeeds with the right music-making and is not an end in itself. I found that very impressive,” said the record judge.

The Record Institute for Germany is considered the German-language counterpart to the Guinness Book of Records. Around half a dozen judges are out and about nationwide to set records. In 2019 there were around 50 to 60. In addition, there were around 200 records that were registered online directly with RID. The data basis is our own database as well as the German and foreign-language Internet. The institute is also financed by judges’ fees.