Lack of self-protection: dry lips? You should avoid these mistakes


    Lips do not have sweat or sebum glands to protect them from drying out. Due to the lack of a greasy film, they quickly become brittle and cracked, in the worst case they even burst open and bleed. The care of dry lips is all the more important.

    When the outside temperatures drop and the heaters are turned up, our lips dry out particularly quickly. The skin begins to stretch, becomes rough and cracked – or even tears. This not only looks ugly, but is also very painful. Especially when the corners of the mouth tear and become inflamed. In addition to the icy cold outdoors and the warm indoor air from the heating, there can be other reasons that promote dry lips. What these are and how to provide your mouth with sufficient moisture is explained in more detail below.

    The most common causes of dry lips

    Not only temperature fluctuations contribute to your lips drying out. In fact, there are numerous reasons:

    Proper care for dry lips: this is how it works

    Healthy drinking habits To prevent your body from drying out in the first place, which would inevitably affect your lips as well, you should drink enough fluids – preferably in the form of water (sparkling or still) or unsweetened tea.

    Natural lip careOnly use lip care sticks that do not contain mineral oils such as MOSH, MOAH and POSH. According to Stiftung Warentest, almost all natural cosmetic products are recommended, for example from Weleda, Logona or Sante.

    Balanced dietTo prevent deficiency symptoms, you should eat a balanced and healthy diet. If you wanted to avoid animal products, you can balance your vitamin B2 balance with vegetables such as kale, peas or broccoli. Iron is found in lentils, sesame or pumpkin seeds.

    The best home remedies for dry lips

    Source: Stiftung Warentest

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