A law passed by the Bundestag is intended to guarantee nursing staff in old people’s homes and hospitals a tax-free bonus. It has now been approved by the Federal Council.

The corona bonus for nursing staff due to special stresses in the pandemic can come.

On Friday, the Bundesrat approved a law passed by the Bundestag that earmarks a total of one billion euros for this – half for employees in geriatric care and half for nursing staff in hospitals. A tax-free bonus of up to 550 euros in elderly care is planned. For employees in clinics, the law provides a mechanism for determining the benefiting employees and the amount of the bonus.

The law also regulates that pharmacies can also offer regular flu vaccinations in the future. Accordingly, they are generally entitled to do so if the staff has been trained to do so. So far, this was only possible in model projects. Pharmacies have been able to carry out corona vaccinations nationwide since the beginning of February.