Maxi dresses don’t have the best reputation among fashionistas. Properly styled, the maxi dress conjures up a great figure. That’s how it’s done.

Maxi dresses are a real eye-catcher – especially on warm spring days. To wear them, women don’t necessarily need 90-60-90 measurements. And the prejudice that only long legs really show off the maxi dress is exactly that: a prejudice. There is a dress for every figure.

For petite women

Here everything runs according to the motto: More is more! For slim women, a little more can be applied. In terms of fabric, color and print, everything is allowed. Floral patterns are particularly popular this season. Combined with sandals and a statement necklace, the perfect summer look is created. Tip: A deep décolleté or alternatively cut-outs ensure more femininity. Don’t: Oversize dresses, because then petite women literally drown in a sea of ​​fabric. Fashion blogger Luisa Lion relies on a light maxi dress with a high-low cut and rhinestones.

For curvy women

Loose cuts are best for emphasizing curves and concealing any problem areas. Similar to the wrap dress that Diane von Fürstenberg designed as the “Wrap Dress” in 1972, this fit is a real figure-flatterer. In terms of color, curvy women go very well with “uni”, but polka dots are also ideal. Tip: High heels make the look elegant and visually stretch. Don’t: A large belt puts the focus on the waist and makes it look wider.

For little women

Those who are more in the Kim Kardashian (1.57 m) size category should opt for a deep V-neckline and a statement belt. Both visually lengthen the legs. Tip: high heels! Don’t: The maxi dress shouldn’t be too long, otherwise there’s a nightgown alarm. Models that reach just above the ankle look much better on small women. As with actress Eva Longoria (47), who opted for a calf-length model with side cut-outs on Instagram.